Compassionate Care

The clients and patients have been the most important aspect of Athens Animal Clinic (AAC) since it was established in 2012. Every choice we make at AAC is made with both our clients and patients in mind. They are the reason for our work, not an interruption of it. Every talent, every resource, every skill, and every concern for the superior professional service that we have, both individually and as a practice, will be applied to the client and patient.

Our clients and patients are not only people and animals, they are family. At AAC, we treat you and your pets like family, not customers. We believe that technical skills, no matter how well developed, can't replace compassion and caring. A successful relationship and outcome is dependent on helping our clients understand what their pet is going through and how best to help them. At AAC, we focus on compassion, caring, client communication, and client service. If we are successful at these things then every other professional goal we have will be obtained.

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